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Pro Vege

$ 54.99

PRO VEGE is a fully vegan and natural formula, made with organic ingredients.

-Pea protein isolate
-Concentrated sunflower seed protein
-Concentrated pumpkin seed protein.

Naturally flavored (vanilla extract or natural cocoa). Slight addition of natural stevia.

-Prebiotic natural to feed your intestinal flora: Fructooligosacharides
– Pink Himalayan salt filled with minerals and trace elements,
-Xanthan, seaweed present to make your mixture creamy. Unifies the natural aromas of vanilla or natural cocoa.

NO animal by-product.
NO refined sugar.
NO trans fat.
NO sulphite.
NO nitrite.
NO hormone.
NO sweetener.

Reward your body with PRO VEGE, unique formula, healthy and 100% vegan.

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Additional information

Instructions: Fill with powder the scoop supplied with the product and mix well with your favorite shake, smoothie or beverage.

For a better homogeneity, use an electric blender.

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