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The man behind XPN

Daniel Bérubé


Is the driving force that motivates Daniel Bérubé in all he does. XPN is born from his passion for training and the lack of quality in the field of supplements. Instead of waiting for someone to take the lead, he decided to change things and founded XPN on the premise that a company should not diminish quality for profit.

This passion is still today the main reason that pushes each of the decisions taken in the development of XPN products.

The only person holding you back is YOURSELF!

Daniel Bérubé
Not just a catchy "phrase"

Pushing your limits

We are pushing the standards of the industry. / We do not accept the ordinary. / We do not want to follow.

Let’s be forward-thinkers / Let’s be visionaries

Our mission is to redefine the supplement industry by bringing and imposing standards of quality and transparency on all our products.

Also the XPN Academy is another example of our commitment to performance and rising industry standards. This academy is dedicated to the continuous training of various players in the field of physical activity such as: Coaches, Kinesiologists, physiotherapists, etc …

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