- Mathieu Bouchard

Have you noticed that stress, if well managed, can be beneficial for your mental and physical performance? Unfortunately, the stress that our body undergoes is not only psychological, but also physiological. It is therefore difficult to control everything adequately at all times. We have long thought that stress is a non-specific response of the body, but we now know that it is more a response from an active protection system, monitoring for potential aggressors, both inside and outside. The ramifications of the surveillance system are very broad and it influences virtually all systems of the human body: appetite, thirst, hunger, sleep, learning, ability to concentrate, strength, recovery, Immunity and mood are all victims of different stressors. Fortunately for us, one of the biggest stresses that our body can undergo is totally controllable: our diet. Healthy eating will greatly increase your stress resistance and will also allow your body to function better under pressure. Of course, some basic supplements can help. Here are the three simplest of them.

We know that these 3 supplements are present in the diet. However, it is quite rare that a person consumes enough of these 3 bases to actually improve his resistance to stress and even, in some cases, reverse the situation. It is therefore recommended to call a qualified person to help you take care of yourself.