- Martin Bergeron

Even today, many people think that the knee should not protrude from the tip of our foot during the squat. It is more important to know that you are more likely to have injuries if you do not. A 2 year-old can make a squat in perfect position without even having it explained.

The reason is simple: flexibility is perfect and movement is a natural and easy movement of execution (despite all the bad executions of the squat in gyms these days.) Is it good to raise the heel slightly when running the squat? It should be noted that bio-mechanically, raising the heel keeps the foot completely on the ground, changes the pelvic angle and allows to advance the knees forward in an optimal way.

This compensates for lack of flexibility or muscle weakness. There is also the aspect of femur length compared to your size that can play an important role. This may be temporary (awaiting flexibility) or simply to increase the tension in the quadriceps and the VMO. Weightlifters and powerlifters use shoes with heels already raised to address this problem and have an appropriate angle of strength. During my practice with my clients, we can solve many problems and thus allows to improve temporarily or long term, depending on the objective.

We can use it as an option in our work, but not necessarily as a solution. Work on your flexibility to sequence 3 times a week in order to fetch your complete move, without the need to always lift them. Test yourself during your daily workout, put 10 lbs of weight on the floor and lift your heels to see the feel of your movement.