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No matter who you are, you have already experienced moments of stress. For most people, this response is temporary and this feeling starts again as quickly as it has happened. When we talk about stress, people think immediately of psychological stress like too much workload, a problem of interpersonal relationship or even monetary problems. Unfortunately, stress does not stop at the psychological and its management can be very different for everyone.

It’s quite simple to improve his stress management and here are my top 4 tips:


1. Stop going to bed at irregular hours

The human being is a daytime animal and like all animals, it is equipped with a circadian cycle regulator mainly influenced by brightness, but also everything you do in a day. This cycle influences the function of your organs, your appetite and even your hormones. It is therefore essential to have a relatively accurate sleep schedule and to respect it to optimize your stress control.


2. Make a list of tasks or a schedule

There are a lot of people who can hardly put off their time and this source of stress is quite recurrent in my practice. The best thing is to do a schedule or a task list, this will organize your schedule even if your brain does not always seem to be in order.


3. Eat lots of vegetables, some fruit and do not be afraid to diversify your sources

Plants are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. Among these, there is a panoply that participates in stress tolerance. A deficiency, even a relative deficiency, can bring its share of problems. The worst, in my opinion, are the relative deficiencies of vitamin B and magnesium.


4. Use adaptogenic plants

Adaptogenic plants should be in your last resort and even in these cases they should be a temporary remedy. I could give you a package of plant names or even products to take but I am a naturopath and therefore a bit like a doctor I do not like to propose miracle cures without knowing the person as well as his / her condition / situation to which it is faced.


Of course, these are just general tricks. There are dozens of tricks and also several conditions that generate more stress than the body can handle. We think of anxiety disorders, ADHD and even a poorly controlled genetic disorder (like a deficient SNP).

In the end, a good lifestyle will often minimize your stressors. There is no magic solution, but many tools are at your disposal.


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Article written by: Mathieu Bouchard N.d.


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