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Millions of people use nutritional supplements each day all over the world. I myself have been using supplements since the mid to late 70s as I instinctively felt the need for them with my hectic schedule of training, school, and work. I somehow figured out intuitively the benefits supplements could provide. If we evaluate the quality of vitamins and all natural supplements today with the ones available a few decades ago, the evolution is nothing short of spectacular. The leaders of the industry have set a high standard for research and development, formulation, specificity, and quality control in the fascinating world of nutraceuticals.


In 1990, while competing at the North American championships in Redondo Beach, California I had the opportunity to spend some time with Dan Berube, who at that time was running a supplement store in Québec city. I enjoyed our conversations over the week and realized that he was not only a world class athlete in the sport of power lifting but was also very knowledgeable when it came to supplements and how to use them to enhance performance and health.


Over the next two decades, Dan’s business evolved as he became a well-known figure in the supplement industry in Canada and the province of Québec. We stayed in touch over this period and saw one another at various body building competitions. However, it was in 2003 after I had won the world championships that Dan approached me to be the spokesperson for the new brand he was launching called XPN, and without hesitation my reply was yes. I felt comfortable and honored to represent this company as a professional bodybuilder because of his attention to quality and detail. I had witnessed over the years his integrity and dedication to selling only the highest quality products. That is the reason XPN has evolved and established themselves globally as a trustworthy brand.


Today, Dan operates two state of the art labs that produce amongst the highest quality standards of supplements and nutraceuticals in the industry. His new lab is in the process of being certified NSF® and NSF Certified for Sport®, which are some of the highest standards any lab producing nutraceuticals can be accredited with. We have been wanting to work on developing a specialized line of nutraceuticals that can be a natural part of a well-being program for anyone seeking to maximize their potential.


The XPN Specialized Series was developed to complement the existing XPN series in addressing more specific needs. The Specialized Series was designed to help address issues ranging from inflammation, low energy, difficulty in concentrating, poor sleep, difficulty in relaxing, hormonal imbalances and lots more. We are committed to the highest quality control standards, best raw materials, and ongoing education to produce supplements that will get you the results you want.


Whether you are a trainer or holistic practitioner, we are confident that our supplements will complement a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and stress reduction to help you and your customers get the result you have been looking for. We are excited to get your feedback from the incredible results you will be getting for yourself and your clients.

Article written by: Roberto Sabatini 

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