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Prioritize the quality of your sleep. Sleep is your greatest natural asset to maximize your health and your fat loss. One of the major reasons for a poor quality of sleep: food intolerances. Test and substitute certain foods that may cause intolerance (gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts).

Ideally, sleeping before 11pm and getting up between 6-7pm would be ideal for most. A lack of sleep can affect your leptin (satiety hormone), your inflammation, your insulin sensitivity, your cortisol, your blood sugar, your melatonin production, and so on. There is a nearly perfect correlation between sleep quality and body composition.

Getting up too late and have breakfast at noon is a very bad habit that greatly limits your results:

  • You skip the most important meal of the day.
  • You will not consume the amount of nutrients your body needs for the day.
  • You will tend to fall into the excess the next meal.

Small late night snacks disturb restful sleep as your body focuses on digestion instead of detoxifying and regenerating tissues.


To promote the quality of your sleep:

  • Keep the temperature of your room cool and sleep naked to stay chill

-Diminates the level of cortisol that helps to have a deeper sleep and recuperator.

-Optimizes the production of growth hormones that is essential to recovery and loss of fat.

-Better melatonin production, excellent against premature aging.

  • Stay away from social media, television, computer, iPhone, 30 min before bedtime

-The light of these devices stimulates your nervous system, just like the sun. In addition, it greatly affects your production of melatonin, essential to your circadian cycle (biological clock). Assaulting your eye and your brain with this kind of signal before you go to bed is far from recommended for a recovering sleep!

  • Plunge your room in the dark to the maximum

-The slightest glimmer can interfere with your sleep.

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Article written by: Anthony J. Campbell – AJCampbell Training 

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