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Mélody Comtois-Bonin


Mélody Comtois-Bonin

Author - Director Institut AAT / Founder Clinique Nutrisanté


Passionate about the relationship of help, sports and food since forever, Mélody first went to the field of criminology where she completed her baccalaureate. She then turned her attention to her real passion, health.

Since training and nutrition are the basis of good health, Mélody has been working for more than 5 years in the world of private training. With an eye for detail and an unusual thirst for learning, Ms. Comtois-Bonin works to optimize the results of each and everyone in a totally natural way through a healthy lifestyle and good food hygiene.

By combining her academic knowledge with her passion, she learns how to make the best of each. Melody is constantly evolving, always seeking to perfect his knowledge through various training and totaling more than 2000 hours of naturopathic studies.

Certifications and diplomas
  • Director of the AAT Institute and owner of Nutrisanté MCB
  • BSc Criminology / Nutrition Certificate
  • Several private training sessions
  • N.D Naturopathic graduate
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