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Mathieu Bouchard


Mathieu Bouchard N.D.

Author - Founder Institut AAT / Nutrition MB / Clinique Nutrisanté


Mathieu Bouchard began his career as an advisor in a supplement store. He then moved on to the field of training where he participated in bodybuilding competitions and coached several high-caliber competitors.

Dissatisfied with the competitive environment and driven by his natural thirst for health knowledge, he obtained a naturopathic degree in 2011, from which he established his private practice during the same year. This same unquenchable thirst for knowledge led him to graduate from Functional Medicine University in 2014.

Shortly after graduation, he founded the AAT Institute, the mission of which was to educate naturopaths, nutritionists, coaches and other health and well-being stakeholders on the integration of medicine Functional and care in their current practice. Since 2015, he has completed several hundred hours of training in functional and integrative medicine.

His career has allowed him to find that there was a great lack of understanding about how lifestyle habits and diet affect our health and result in inflammation and disease. His unique approach is to correct this deficiency and he has developed several simple steps to rapidly improve the health and well-being of his clients.

Certifications and diplomas
  • Founder of the AAT Institute and MB Nutrition Owner
  • N.D Naturopath graduated from the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturopaths – 2011
  • CFMP Diploma Practitioner in Functional Medicine by Functional Medicine University (FMU) -2014
  • Member of the ICHNFM (International College of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine
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