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Julie Murray

Julie Murray - Profile

Julie Murray



Julie Murray is originally from Quebec, Canada and she is now a certified Natural

Health professional living in Florida. She is balancing her passion for health,

nutrition and wellness with her career as a Real Estate agent. Her life is exciting

but it is her personal history of health issues that lead her to become so dedicated

about the subject.

A serious list of health issues such as, abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, heavy

metal toxicity, hypothyroidism, leaky gut, nutrient deficiencies, insomnia, and

many other symptoms kept her away from life itself, and for a long time.

She was fortunate enough to meet with the best Functional/Integrative M.D’s and

hands-on healers, studying, learning and figuring out how to be healthy again, in

the best possible way.

Her healing journey required countless hours of research, trial and errors, she

became an avid learner. She embarked on a lifelong commitment to educate

herself. She ended up earning a certification as a Health Specialist, Natural Health

professional (CNHP) and in Naturopathy. Julie knew that through nutrition and

good natural supplements, she could recover and live a full and healthy life again.

She now focuses on a nutrient-rich food, proper supplements and by limiting

exposure to toxic substances. Very passionate about her own health and wellness,

she is eager to share with you what she knows to help you be healthy again.

“Eating and living clean feels incredible. Once you see and feel life this way, you

will never go back to the old way.”

– Julie