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Florian Bianchi

Florian Bianchi



Florian Bianchi specializes in caring for the health of his clients and works with people of all ages, both in rehabilitation and muscle rebalancing, as well as in fitness and weight loss.

Florian Bianchi graduated as a personal trainer of the International Federation of Sports Aerobics & Fitness (FISAF) and University Sports of the University of Lausanne and the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (UNIL-EPFL). He quickly climbed the ladder early in his career when he moved to the Silhouette Fitness training center in Switzerland as a coach, manager and then head of department. He has also trained some athletes known in the fields of bodybuilding, fitness, athletics, volleyball and swimming such as Sergio Ferreira, Daniel Graber, Sandra Ducret-Rousseaux, Jean Pierre Sacco and Sylvie Chiavouuzzo.

In addition, he has been a physical and psychological trainer for WABBA and a judge for various bodybuilding competitions in Europe. From 2003 to 2005, Florian Bianchi was Program Director for FISAF Canada. Since the founding of his company, Florian continues to perfect his knowledge on training, nutrition and supplementation.

He regularly attends seminars and trainings given by the big names in the field such as Milos Sarcev and Charles Poliquin. Moreover, since 2007, he is certified BioSignature practitioner.

I have grown and evolved with XPN since their very first days. XPN is for me an irreproachable company on quality, listening to its customers, besides being innovative. They are more than a brand of supplements. It is a way of being and living.

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