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  • You eat the same lunch and with the same amounts, since your puberty.

Do you really believe that if you continue eating three eggs for breakfast, that one day, as if by magic, you will wake up with 10 pounds more muscle mass?


  • You still consume 30 grams of protein and 30 grams of post-training carbohydrates.

Instead, double up your “post-workout shake” for a while. And if your fat percentage allows you, quadruple your carbohydrates with 120 grams and more.


  • You are under-trained. You do not train your muscles fairly frequently.

In such a situation, forget the formula “one muscle a day”: Monday = pectoral, Tuesday = back, it is often ineffective and counterproductive. Instead, train each muscle group two to three times a week. You will be surprised at the results.


  • You are too fat to maximize your muscle gains. In fact, the more fat you are, the less your body will be able to create muscle mass because your testosterone level is not at its best and your cortisol level (hormone adjustment or commonly referred to as hormone Of stress) is too high. You are then more in a catabolic state (loss of muscle) than anabolic (muscle gain).

In such cases, lower your fat percentage and improve your insulin sensitivity (better absorption of sugar). Your winnings will be much more significant.


  • Your workouts are too long.

Training over an hour is often counterproductive, since the body secretes too much cortisol, which lowers your testosterone level. To counter this situation, keep your workouts short and intense, between 45 minutes and an hour. Your results will surprise you.

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Article written by: Anthony J. Campbell

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